Major release of CredoID 3.4

On the 5th of June, 2017, we have released a major version in CredoID v3 line – version 3.4. The key feature is integrated direct support for ASB Security’s CCS Musdo alarm panels, which now eliminates the need to setup an external service for communication with ASB devices.

We have also brought back compatibility with Axis A1001 controllers at firmware level 1.51, largely improved support for Suprema BioStar v2 generation devices, introduced more detailed monitoring of HID device setups (V100, V200 and V300 as slave devices), as well as made a huge amount of other fixes and improvements.

Please feel free to download version 3.4 from our Stable branch here. We have two different colour versions (dark and bright) that are interchangeable, and you can have different colour schemes connecting to the same service if you run multiple GUIs.

Please note that if you are upgrading from v3.3.800 or earlier, your license will be incompatible with current version. Make sure you obtain a compatible license key beforehand, or your system may revert to very limited demo mode. Also, if your system contains Suprema devices compatible with BioStar 1 system, please contact us before upgrading, as your devices will need a firmware upgrade to become compatible with CredoID v3.4

We wish you all the best experience with CredoID and are looking forward to receiving your feedback!