FaceStation 2 support in CredoID

CredoID release v3.4.123 has added support for Suprema’s most advanced face recognition device – FaceStation2.

You can now assign face recognition biometric signature to CredoID user, same as you previously could do with a fingerprint. Support for FaceStation2 brings convenience, speed and security to any system, requiring more than just basic card/fob authentication. CredoID supports all key functions of the device, making it extremely easy to upgrade your system to a new level. Face recognition has been extremely well received in all facilities, where as little contact as possible is preferred – medical, food , electronics, chemical and multiple other industries.

To learn more about CredoID, please read the manual.

For more information about FaceStation2 usage and capabilities, please read on Suprema Inc. brochure.

If you already have the device, you can test it with the free demo version of CredoID, which is available here, or order the device from our online shop.