New look & feel for CredoID v3.4.378

Today we are releasing CredoID v3.4.378, which has undergone a big visual overhaul. These small changes in our theme engine will allow to create your own custom theme with ease. The new look contains:

  • A new set of cleaner icons for unified and more intuitive GUI navigation;
  • New set of UI colours: dark, low contrast for guard rooms and light, high contrast for administrators/ users / visitor management. You can also create your custom color sets and apply them with ease;
  • GUI performance improvements for more fluid transitions, list management and event display;
  • New mini-icons and colour coding for Events and Monitoring;
  • Overall visual fixes and improvements.

Please give new look a try and let us know your opinion! To download and try demo version of CredoID, please follow the links and after download simply activate it online.

You can download themes separately here:

CredoID Primer Theme (Dark)

CredoID Indigo Theme (Light)

More themes to come soon!