CredoID Release 3.4.558

A new update for CredoID access control and security software has been released. The update includes several new features and fixes. It is free of charge to all customers with yearly update contract or within first 12 months of CredoID installation.
The key new features, requested by customers and introduced in 3.4.558 update, are namely:

  • A new event type for „Controller out of sync“ situations. This allows the usage of Notifications module to remotely inform a responsible person in case of such event. When CredoID detects a mis-match between data stored on the controller and in the database (due to communication interrupt, controller error or other reasons), it informs the operator by marking device „Out of sync“ in notification window. The device continues to operate, but any new data needs to be sent (or synchronized) by the operator. The new feature allows receiving notifications of such situations when the operator is not present at monitoring post.
  • Convenient search for Host in Visitor management. You can now quickly search for a person to assign to a visitor as a host by typing a part of their first or last name and pressing drop-down arrow to see a matching list.
  • Strike release mode switch on Suprema devices (“automatic door” mode). It is now possible to select whether Suprema devices wait for door contact input as a signal to release door strike relay. This gives you more control over door operation modes.

The release also includes several usability improvements and fixes, such as locale and time zone corrections, user database table purge after deactivation, event link to a map and settings for video live streaming. A full change list is included in the archive in Downloads section.