Hardware Compatibility

HID Global hardware supported by CredoID

Unique features and benefits of our Technology Partners

The information below is based on the subjective opinions of our staff and the feedback from the installers. Please do not treat it as an official feature list or the selection guide. Try different products and use your own judgment.

    • Peer-to-peer TCP/IP communication between controllers. Makes it easy to implement ant-passback in the large buildings. APB function is neither software-dependent nor limited to one controller.
    • Plenty of RAM and Flash memory. V2000 EVO controller has 64MB RAM for fast operation and 256MB Flash for data storage. This translates into 250,000 users and 100,000 events!!!
    • Lifetime warranty on cards. HID cards hardly ever fail. But it always nice to say word “lifetime” to your customer. Customers can be sure that they will not be stuck with 30% failed cards in a couple of years. The cost of getting replacement cards, reissuing and distributing to people is much higher than the cost of a card itself, thus long term reliability really matters.
    • Lifetime warranty on readers. A reader is not a sophisticated device, however it is often subjected to harsh conditions: heat, cold, humidity, dust, static. If a reader fails the inconvenience caused is much greater than the cost of the reader itself: people cannot go through the door and a repair technician has to visit the site to replace it. Therefore we believe that a genuine product with lifetime warranty from a reputable manufacturer such as HID is the safest choice.
    • Wide selection of reader designs, colors and mounting options.
    • Widest RFID product selection from a single source: compact R10 and ProxPoint readers, very well built RK40 and ProxPro keypad readers, medium-range R90 and MaxiProx readers, European size Prox80 and R30 readers, 13.56Mhz and 125Khz dual frequency readers, desktop readers with USB interface, Magnetic stripe readers, smart cards and many more options are added every year.
    • Top-level security. Secure card formats (such as iClass SE) and mutual authentication between readers and cards. If you choose the enhanced security option no one will be able to buy, program or clone cards that would work on readers of your system.
    • Most widely used readers and cards Worldwide.
    • Wide selection of OEM modules and largest network of development partners. Nearly every biometric reader or time clock manufacturer has HID-compatible products. Business-class laptops have iClass tags. Check for more solutions.
    • Powered relays on HID Edge readers/controllers. Just move a jumper and you can power a lock directly from the Edge unit. Less wiring, faster installation, easy maintenance.
    • Push-type communication to host. Controller initiates connection to host software, sends regular heartbeat messages and reports alarm events immediately as they happen. This is the right approach to reduce network traffic and to improve alarm reporting speed.
    • Controller database switch-over. Many controllers require user database to be erased before new database can be loaded. During the time of user upload, controllers either cannot process requests, or use incomplete database. HID VertX & EVO controllers solve this problem by database switchover function: they keep on operating and using old database until new database is received.