Mercury Security

Mercury Security
Mercury Security hardware supported by CredoID
Why consider using Mercury hardware for your security and access control systems?

Here are a few facts that illustrate key advantages of systems based on Mercury products:

  • World’s largest install base without a doubt. Mercury controllers are used and private-labeled by many access control solution providers, such as Lenel, Imron, Keri Systems, Maxxess, RS2, S2 Security and others.
  • Proven reliability: Mercury has been manufacturing controllers for more than 20 years.
  • The most feature-rich and reliable firmware. Maintaining the largest install base means Mercury controllers are being used by many different customers in many different projects with unique requirements. Even the strangest requirement of your new project is probably already supported by Mercury controllers.
  • EP1501 2-reader controller offers great value. Even though originally designed for 2-readers/1-door (entry and exit) control, this controller can be used for 2 separate doors making Mercury quality & features extremely affordable.
  • EP1501 controller is a little wonder: using expansion boards it can be turned into a 16-reader master controller, an elevator controller or a wireless lock controller.
  • Continuous firmware updates are released on a regular schedule. New features can be added to the system installed many years ago.
  • Industry-leading open standard support and innovations. Take OSDP support as an example, which has just been extended to support biometric data, 2 reader chaining and multiple other features on new MR series products for 2018.
  • Made in the USA. Despite the fact that globalization greatly reduced the importance of origin, we believe that the USA maintains the leadership in quality and innovation. When purchasing USA-made product one can always expect a well-built and tested product with excellent documentation that will perform flawlessly and be supported for many years.

For your convenience we provide cross reference table between the part numbers of Mercury, Lenel and other security system providers:

Description Mercury Lenel Imron RS2 Open Options Maxxess
1-door & 2-reader controller EP1501 LNL-2210 EPC-1 EP1501 NA eMax-EP1501
64-door master controller EP1502 LNL-2220 SCP-2 EP1502 SSP-D2 eMax-EP1502
1-door controller MR50 LNL-1300 MR-50 MR50 RSC-1 eMax-MR50
2-door controller MR52 LNL-1320 MR-52 MR52 RSC-2 eMax-MR52
RS-485 multiplexer MUX-4 LNL-4000 MUX-4 MUX-4 MUX-4
RS-485 multiplexer MUX-8 LNL-8000 MUX-8 MUX-8 MUX-8
64-door master controller EP2500 LNL-3300 SCP-M EP2500 SSP-EP eMax-EP2500
16-input panel MR16IN MR16IN LNL-1100 SI-16 MR16IN ISC-16 eMax-MR16IN
16-output panel MR16OUT MR16OUT LNL-1200 SO-16 MR16OUT OSC-16 eMax-MR16OUT
Master controller * SCP-C LNL-500 SCP-C Mini-SCP SSP-C
Master controller * SCP-E LNL-2000 SCP-E SCP-E SSP-E
Master controller * SCP-S LNL-1000 SCP-S SCP SSP