CredoID Promotion



Based on the success of last year’s promotion, Midpoint Security is launching a new promotion for CredoID v3 in selected global regions. You can now receive a completely free access control software, supporting HID, Mercury, Suprema and Axis controllers with full possibility for further expansions and add-ons.

Terms of the promotion

Receive a free license for the CredoID access control system with eligible purchase! Every order of a complete access control system of up to 10 readers, made through Midpoint Security’s online shop or by contacting us directly, entitles you to a free basic license. Minimum order quantity is a 5 reader system. An access control system is defined as at least a set of controllers and corresponding number of readers, purchased from supported hardware list and designated for installation in a single system.

CredoID features are licensed based on a feature count, and a typical license unit is a reader. Each combined purchase of a controller and at least one reader adds an increment to the licensed reader count. For example, if you purchase 5x 2-door controllers, 15 readers and 5 exit buttons, it will be considered a 10 door and 15 reader system, and you will receive a 15 reader license.

The software license will be provided via e-mail at the moment of order shipment, once the payment for the order has been received. You will receive a free permanent license of Credo ID software. There are neither one-time, nor recurring fees for the free license.

Included in a free license:

  • Full access control capabilities – user, device, door, access level and basic schedule management, standard reports, including operator action logging.
  • One workstation, one GUI installation. Up to 10 reader system support, depending on purchased hardware setup.
  • Unlimited user count (only restricted by hardware capabilities).

NOT included in the free license:

  • Advanced features, such as, but not limited to: visitor management, advanced time and attendance schedules, Web client, elevator, video server, LPR, security panel integrations.
  • Software installation services, warranties and third-party licenses (e.g. for pre-requisites, such as Windows OS, MS SQL, all other necessary component and/or firmware updates).
  • Returns or refunds, unless required by law.
  • Free support.
Version comparison – key highlights
Feature availability Free license Paid version*
Reader count <= 10 Unlimited
Device and extension count <=10 Unlimited
Input / Output count 3 per controller Unlimited
Hardware vendor support Based on purchased hardware All supported
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Billing module No Yes
Mobile reader solution No Yes
LDAP and Active Directory import No Yes
Burglar alarm / security area management No Yes
Card design module No Yes
Video server integration / LPR No Yes
Visitor management No Yes
Elevator management (OTIS / HID) No Yes
API documentation No Yes
Warranties Not provided 6 / 12 months
Free updates Until end of promotion During warranty period

* Feature availability and count depends on purchased license type.

Other terms

  • The software is provided as-is, with no guarantees or obligations from Midpoint Security.
  • The promotion is limited to the purchasing customers only.
  • The promotion does not cover upgrade systems, whether from other providers or old CredoID versions.
  • Support availability is limited and it is a paid service. Support terms are available upon request. Please use a demo version, request a limited license or connect to our demo server setup to learn if CredoID suits your needs before you make a purchase.

Details of the promotion

  • Duration: January 18, 2018, through June 30, 2018.
  • Availability: Only available where supported hardware vendor products are permitted. Available in Americas, EMEA and other countries according to international laws and regulations. Not available in Russia, CIS region and several other countries on EU External Action list.
  • Eligibility: Customers from eligible regions, purchasing complete access control systems of 5 to 10 readers, sold by Midpoint Security.