Monitoring & Security

Alarm monitoring

  • Intuitive display of events: game-like animation adds clarity and understanding. An operator can see as a door opens or reader changes mode of operation. Operator training requirements are reduced and response time is improved.
  • Alarm acknowledgement: procedures to record detailed history and operator comments of important alarm events. No critical alarms shall be missed.
  • Alarm transmission via SMS: (mobile phone text messages) and email.
  • “Push” technology: for real-time alarm delivery and reduced network traffic.
  • Graphic maps.
  • Video integration: automatic display of video from an alarm location, ability to browse video history, storage of snapshots in security database.
  • Audible alarm alerts: for operators.

Data security

  • All popular access control cards supported.
  • Authentication modes: Card only, Card & PIN, fingerprint.
  • Programmable card removal actions: lock PC automatically, even when stepping away just for a few minutes.
  • Emergency access: in case of a lost card.
  • Physical access control rules applied in logical access.
  • PC logon events: displayed and integrated into security management system.
  • Instant deactivation of a user: in physical and logical access control systems.
  • Active Directory support.
CredoID Alarms tab
CredoID Alarms tab
CredoID Maps tab
CredoID Maps tab
CedoID Monitoring tab
CedoID Monitoring tab