Company profile

Midpoint Security is actively seeking dealers and installers worldwide. If you are interested in providing IP-based security solutions to your clients, we look forward to hearing from you.


Established: 2001
Form: Privately held company
Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania
Branch offices: Hawthorne, California, U.S.A.
Industry: Electronic Security and  IT
Distribution network: Worldwide

Our Mission: Effective Integrated Solutions. Midpoint Systems provides software for integrated security projects. The core of the solution is electronic access control, which is supplemented by additional modules for logical access control (PC logon), time and attendance, IP video surveillance, burglar alarm, vehicle access control, biometrics, ID card design and printing, billing for paid services, and data exchange with ERP systems.

CREDO Security Management Software. Powerful and Open. The Midpoint flagship product called CREDO Enterprise is available in both Web interface and thick client options. The software runs on Microsoft platform and supports hardware of all major access control and biometrics hardware providers, including HID, Assa Abloy, Mercury Security and Suprema.

image3Years of Expertise. Constantly Innovating. Passionate about the Product. Our highly skilled team of international security experts and software engineers delivers better answers to installers and meets the ever-increasing requirements of end users. Midpoint is pioneering new fields and reshaping the whole concept of electronic security industry by leading the way to open standards, integration and improved user experience. Always in the lead, Midpoint was the first to offer a single solution for logical and physical access control, support for multiple hardware vendors in an open platform software, integrate IP-based burglar alarm system, mobile application that turns any Android device into access control and attendance terminal, and 100% IP-based security solution. The list continues, and you can rest assured that the Midpoint engineers are working on new and exciting developments right as you are reading our Company Profile.

Synergy and Integration. Traditional enterprise-level security systems use closed architecture and proprietary protocols. Even the world-class systems are notoriously complex, inflexible and outdated. From the user’s perspective, they are often a burden and another negative number on the balance sheet. The fact that they are too expensive to replace is sometimes the only reason why the end users put up with such inferior solutions.

Midpoint is changing the rules of the game. There is no vendor lock-in, therefore the users are free to choose the components that match their needs best and combine the equipment obtained from different manufacturers. When it is time for an upgrade, it is enough to replace just the selected components rather than the entire system. Moreover, IP-based systems, unlike their proprietary counterparts, are completely future-proof, which guarantees that your customer’s investment is safe for years to come.

image4Focus on Value. Instead of providing a narrowly specialized solution, Midpoint covers a wide range of business tasks that exhibit synergy when combined: physical door access, security management, computer data security, employee time & attendance, billing for services, etc. As a result, double data entry is eliminated. The data collection, network and identification devices are shared by different systems. Combined with Midpoint Web Service API, data exchange with HR and Accounting systems becomes seamless and automatic making your client’s business systems slimmer and more effective.

Everything is Possible! Midpoint has always been regarded for flexibility and open-minded approach to projects. Each customer request is carefully evaluated and considered a positive contribution to product enhancement. There are no impossible tasks when it comes to integration or custom developments. CREDO Enterprise software is a live and constantly enhanced product that can be tailored to solve unique tasks. This makes Midpoint the preferred choice in high-end security and integration projects.

image4Trusted by Governmental Agencies, Banks, Schools, Factories and Multinational Corporations. No matter how powerful and advanced the system is, it is worthless without its users. The Midpoint CREDO software has a proven track record in hundreds of projects across the globe, in all types of institutions: governmental, educational, financial, energy, manufacturing, etc. Our end user feedback is unanimous: “We love this software!”

The success of the CREDO Enterprise software is largely attributed to the usability features that make it exceptionally intuitive. The solution offered by Midpoint is having the same effect on the security industry as that had by Windows on personal computer market years ago.