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In Credo software you will find all the good features that you find in most access control systems: storing user details, assigning access levels, printing ID cards, managing biometric data, anti-passback, maps, alarm acknowledgement, sending alarms via text messages, integration between access control and video. So why choose Credo over others? What makes Midpoint access control different?

  • IP reader support. Many customers still do not realize that installing access control may be as easy as installing an IP phone. Modern readers, such as HID Edge or Suprema Xpass have more than enough memory for offline operation, and required inputs/outputs to control doors, monitor contacts and exit buttons. No need to install controllers and enclosures above false ceilings or in electrical rooms. No need to buy enclosures and power supplies either. Just mount IP readers on walls, connect them to a PoE switch, use Credo software to auto detect: simple, fast and effective.
  • Access levels with activation/expiration date & time. Used in educational or high security environments where users are given temporary access rights to certain areas.
  • Use limit. Applied to guests or internal visitors. Access rights are automatically disabled when allowed number of uses is reached.
  • Supervisor approval. A badging clerk may be unauthorized to assign access rights that exceed his/her own security level. Credo allows assigning required access rights, but cards (or fingers) remain inactive until approved by a supervisor.
  • Holiday date range, automatic rescheduling. Configure multi-day holidays and enable automatic holiday renewal for next year.
  • Area time limit. Increase safety and security by limiting the time that users can stay in dangerous areas (poisonous, radioactive, low oxygen and other types of hazardous environments).
  • Vehicle control. Register all vehicle details, track vehicle movement and use events for attendance reports.
  • Manual permit or card verification. A user forgot his card or injured a finger? His access permissions can be verified at any Credo workstation. Select the door that the user wants to go through, enter the user’s name or employee number and the system will show if the user is allowed to enter. If yes, just click “OK” and the door will open. Transaction will be registered for reporting and TA calculation.
  • Host mode. Used in high security projects. Also effective in reducing theft of goods. The system checks user’s permissions and presents recommended decision to an operator. After performing an inspection the operator makes the final decision.
  • Effective use of hardware resources. Each controller or reader receives only the segment of data that concerns its operation. There may be 100,000 users in a system, but it is rare that all users would have access to the same areas. Usually the number of users that have access to a specific door is significantly lower. Credo software utilizes intelligent downloading feature: memory of readers is optimized by loading only pertinent data. At the same time data transfer becomes faster and system security is increased.
  • Fault tolerance. Systems using IP readers have the ultimate level of fault tolerance. Firstly there is an immense array of solutions and an army of experts who can build fault tolerant computer networks. Secondly even if all communication lines fail, an IP reader will remain fully functional, checking permissions, registering events and protecting the door as long as the backup power is available. No external failures will impact an individual node, and a failure of any node will not impact the rest of the system.
  • Animated door icons. An operator can actually see as a door opens or reader changes mode of operation. Such features take the software to the new level of clarity and understanding. The interface is much easier to understand than blinking colored circles or scrolling lines of text.
  • Support for a wide range of USB readers. Fast and error-free data entry for all major ID card technologies: HID Proximity & iClass, Mifare, EM and EPC UHF.
  • Digital scales. Use weight as an additional verification factor. Check if a user passing through the interlock gates is alone, or if a vehicle leaving the territory does not carry unauthorized cargo.
  • OCR error compensation. Most license plate recognition systems have 10-20% error rate. Credo software can compensate for typical errors by allowing intelligent number matching and use of wildcard characters.
  • Area occupancy data sent to external displays. Show the number of free spaces in a parking lot or number of users in a building. Increases productivity by making it easy to locate co-workers. Building will not be armed while there are people inside, and will not stay disarmed by mistake. Increases safety of employees by displaying the last known location of each user in case of an accident.
  • “Ghost user” prevention. Deactivate users automatically after a period of inactivity; delete inactive users automatically to keep the database performance at the top level.
  • Hardware-independent system configuration. Operators do not have to be familiar with terms such as “controllers”, “inputs”, “relays”, “readers”. Credo uses door object that includes all the necessary inputs and devices. It is possible to configure an entire system without knowing which hardware manufacturers or models will be used.
  • Open software platform: Software compatible with Suprema BioLite NET, BioEntry Plus, Xpass, BioStation fingerprint IP readers, HID Edge E400, VerX V2000, V1000 and Mercury EP1501 and 1502 IP readers and controllers. Click here to see complete compatibility list.