Enterprise-Class Solution

Finally, there is a true distributed security management system designed to fit the needs of a large companies like a glove! At Midpoint, we realize that businesses grow and change, and therefore they require solutions that adapt seamlessly and do not impose any restrictions.

enterprise-class solutionsAny organization with more that one office, should it be a large multinational corporation with hundreds of branches worldwide or a university with just a few campuses within the same city, will quickly learn to appreciate the freedom, efficiency and level of control delivered by the IP-based system:

  • Need to control a few doors in a remote office? Simply add PoE-capable IP readers. Utilize the existing network infrastructure and do not worry about expensive controllers, enclosures and power supplies.
  • No possibility to connect remote offices via VPN? The system will work over a basic Internet connection.
  • No connectivity in remote sites? Plenty of commercial off-the-shelf solutions available: WiFi, GSM routers, GPRS modems and more.
  • Relocating employees to another office? Changing their access rights takes just a few clicks and is effective immediately.
  • Thousands of employees in the database and high turnover rates require too much resources to manage access permissions? Integrate the system with the HR database. As soon as a new employee is added or an existing employee is relocated or terminated, the system will adjust his/her access permissions automatically.
  • User's access permissions change throughout the year? The system supports access permissions with yearly schedules, perfect for schools and universities.
  • Concerned about computer data security? Integrate physical access control with logical access control: suspend the employee logon rights as soon as he/she walks out of the office.
  • Need to control labor costs? Real-time attendance data from all offices available for review and automatic transfer to payroll systems.
  • Acquired a new business and need to add a group of people to the system?Import personal data from almost any file format, capture fingerprints (or issue cards) and the new employees will blend into the team seamlessly. Worldwide!
  • Protect your investment: as new security technologies emerge, devices that are considered modern today will become obsolete at some point the future. However, unlike conventional controller-based systems, the IP-based approach offers a gradual and easy upgrade path. There will never be a need to overhaul the entire system. Each component can be upgraded independently, without shutting down the entire system and causing inconveniences. System upgrades can be performed in multiple stages allowing spreading out the costs over a longer period of time.

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