Features & Benefits

Access Control System

  • Use limit: Access rights automatically disabled when allowed number of uses is reached.
  • Holiday: multi-day holiday and automatic rescheduling for next year. Up to 4000 holiday dates.
  • Vehicle control: Store vehicle details, track movement, generate reports.
  • Manual verification of permissions: In case of a lost card verify user permissions for any door by entering name or employee number.
  • IP reader support: enjoy high speed uploads, PoE flexibility, fault tolerance, unlimited expansion, and other benefits of IP-based solutions.
  • Effective use of hardware resources: Each controller or reader receives only the segment of data that concerns its operation.
  • Fault tolerance: No external failures will impact an individual node, and a failure of any node will not impact the rest of the system.
  • Hardware-independent system configuration.
  • Anti-passback hard and soft.
  • ID card design and printing (badging).
  • Integrated management of biometric data.
  • Child security sends email or SMS alerts to parents every time their child enters or leaves school territory.
  • Visitor management: give temporary rights to visiting users and generate visitor reports.