The open platform access control and security software

With CredoID, you choose the most appropriate identification – card, PIN, number plate, biometric or mobile ID, - you decide system capacity and maintenance period. CredoID gives you full control of your project integration, installation and, ultimately, ROI.


Save time with easy-to-setup system

CredoID is quick to install and easy to learn, both for integrators and end-users. Just a simple installer will get the whole system with background DB up and running in minutes. Get going in just a few easy steps after installation

Auto-detect devices

Set doors, access levels and schedules

Add users, assign rights

And you’re done!

Sounds good?

Web-centric and cloud-ready

CredoID v4 uses WebUI to enable operator access virtually from anywhere. Easy deployment on VM, operator permission management and scalability make it a good fit for cloud-based / pay-as-you-go services, such as coworking, storage, parking and other solutions.

Did we mention we make it easy for you to access your data, too?

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Customizable processes

CredoID v4 includes powerful tools for process automation: a trigger-based rule set and a scripting engine. Trigger rules help you customize system behavior based on event data. If you need even more power over system behavior, Scripting engine based on Python (IronPython) is available. Build custom UI, interlock doors, count users, manage groups of parking customers or set elevator usage rules – all the power is at your fingertips.

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Operator friendly

CredoID user interface changes depending on Operator permissions, and uses clear, universally accepted icon and colour schemes for communication. Do you have constantly rotating security staff? It will only take a few minutes training to prepare a new person for the task.

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Highly visual and interactive - maps included

Clearly see doors and event spots on a floor plan, or simply create an area indicator board on the monitor screen. Arm / disarm security areas, see input status and even grant user access from the map view. It is pure convenience at operator‘s fingertips, available in every CredoID setup.



Interactive map
VMS Integration (Digifort)
License plate recognition and parking management
Multi-factor IDs, including Mobile ID from HID Origo
Active Directory support
Time and attendance data export
Mobile reader tool
Elevator control
Powerful filtering and search engines

Want to know what it takes to use all the features?


Hardware independent

We understand that life cycle of a building may differ from the goals of a construction company, a building manager or an investor. Companies change offices, production facilities and warehouses grow, tenants move. Sooner or later, a need to expand / update the existing system comes up.

CredoID is built to help you manage the expansion and transition. By combining devices from different manufacturers, we give you the flexibility in managing existing installations and growing with new ones.

We currently support:

Controllers, RFID, biometric readers

Wireless locks

Security panels

New device support will be added on per-project basis

Want to integrate something yourself?


High performance and scalability

CredoID v4 architecture allows efficient usage on low-power PCs for small systems (Intel NUC or AMD Ryzen Embedded platforms) where only a few doors must be managed. However, it can easily scale up to a few thousand of controllers and doors.

We do understand the challenge of managing huge lists of users, access levels and devices – therefore CredoID includes powerful search and filtering tools, as well as Active Directory integration for even more automation.

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Running on Windows server? Excellent, there’s little else you need to run CredoID. Use it on a physical machine or on a VM, take your pick. MS SQL Express installation is a good starting point for small systems, Using Linux? We hear you! Our tool set allows code migration, and Unix support with Postgre SQL is coming to CredoID in H1, 2020.

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Outstanding project ROI

Licensed per-reader as a base unit, CredoID offers a transparent, affordable pay-once pricing. There are no mandatory recurring fees. The updates are free for first 12 months after purchase, and afterwards the clients are free to choose the maintenance plan.

Being OEM partners with our key hardware providers, we’re able to offer you a complete project pricing with attractive TCO / ROI.

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Open for integrations

Do you have your own solution, which requires access control? We’re here for you. CredoID v4 offers an open API with over 300 calls available. Just drop us a line for API access and a sandbox license.