CredoID in control at the largest shopping mall in Latvia

verified-user The Challenge

What security solution fits the needs and demands of a large modern shopping and business center?

Today it is no longer just about system integration and making sure it works. The customer demands convenience, speed, flat learning curve and, of course, top return on investment. All these factors have been demanded by the developers of the Akropole shopping center in Latvian capital city Riga.

The building security system had to incorporate access control, intrusion alarms and video surveillance. Given tight installation schedules, it also had to be easy, fast-to-install and quick-to-learn, to enable engineers do their work in minimal time and ensure a flawless system operation.

In a large, complex building a crucial part of security is guards being able to instantly see the particular location of an incident, verify it, and respond in minimal time. To achieve this, security system must be able to converge access and security events with surveillance data, focus guard’s attention at particular event and instantly pin-point the location – both on the floor plan and by showing live feed from related cameras.

verified-user The Solution

The project subcontractor SIA Fima chose CredoID access control and security software developed by Midpoint Security to ensure the project requirements were met. To ensure the highest hardware reliability standards, Grade 3 certified security panels from Dutch company ASB Security were selected alongside IP access readers from Suprema Inc. Digifort VMS is controlling 100+ IP cameras, and video of any chosen event from a security or access control systems can be instantly traced via CredoID.

To make it easy and convenient for the guards, shopping center’s floor plan is used as a map with every security sensor highlighted on it. In case of an event, the system focuses the map on an area requiring guard’s attention, sends a warning signal and message, and prompts the guard for action.

System installation, configuration and guard training has been completed by joint effort of engineers from SIA Fima and Midpoint security within a matter of weeks.


Illustration: SIA Fima engineers preparing security system for operation at Akropole. Source: Midpoint Security

verified-user Customer Feedback

“We are most satisfied with the recognition of excellence of the new building by government and municipal authorities,” says Kaspars Beitiņš, member of the board at “Akropolis group” and director of Akropole Rīga.

“We also take special pride in the fact that the cleverly designed layout and reasonable choice of materials, systems and technologies have allowed Akropole to become the first shopping venue in Latvia that has been awarded the prestigious BREEAM Certificate as early as at the design stage, and that the project is being implemented in observance of the top sustainability and energy efficiency standards, using the most environment-friendly and human-friendly solutions.”

Project details

System Installer

SIA Fima

Project Scale

98’000 sqm of indoor space, including 9’000 sqm office building


Riga, Latvia (EU)

Access Control

Suprema intelligent IP readers


Axis IP camera and audio systems.​


ASB Musdo CCS7000 alarm panels. A total of 2000+ inputs supervising 200+ separate premises.


CredoID v3.4 access control, integrated with ASB Security panels and DigiFort VMS.