Polus Towers (Bratislava, Slovakia, EU)

Courtesy of © 2016 Polus Towers

Renovation and refurbishment project in a breathtaking location in the heart of Bratislava.


The main challenge in the Polus Towers project was the integration between access control and the new generation Otis Compass elevator system that uses destination management to optimize traffic. The old-style IO-based elevator control solutions with readers inside carts are no longer compatible with modern elevator systems like Otis Compass as users select destination floor before entering elevator cart and the advanced elevator logic dynamically selects which elevator to use for travel.

Polus Towers being a multi-tenant office building needed a solution that would effectively manage over 3500 users in a secure and convenient manner making sure that all users get access to authorized floors only.

Other project requirements included the use of existing structured cabling, IP-based controllers and wireless access control in areas where cables could not be installed.

Winning Partnership

Bratislava based system integrator LAST MILE in partnership with Midpoint Systems successfully delivered solution covering all the security needs in the Polus Towers.


Fully installed and maintained by Last Mile, the Credo ID Enterprise software manages access rights of over 3500 users of this multi-tenant office complex. Five elevators in each tower are servicing 20 and 17 floors. Regular users have access to common areas, such as parking, cafeteria and alike, as well as access to one of the floors in the towers. In order to access the elevator lobby all users must pass through a turnstile. As soon as a user presents his card to the reader on the turnstile, the information from the access control system is passed to the elevator system. The access control system informs the elevator system which floor is authorized for the user. The Otis Compass elevator system with destination management logic selects with of the 5 elevators will be used to transport this user to his preferred floor. The elevator is called automatically and user receives instructions via LCD screen which elevator cart he should use. If a user is authorized to access more than one floor he selects destination via touch screen. The integration between Midpoint and Otis provides security, convenience and speed to regular users and cost savings to the owner of the building.

Turnstiles in the elevator lobby are controlled by HID EH400 controllers and HID iClass readers. Regular office doors are controlled by Mercury EP1501, HID EH400 and also Suprema Xpass IP or BioEntry readers, and stairwell doors are protected by wireless Assa Abloy Aperio locks. All field hardware reports to Credo Enterprise software which coordinates data exchange with Otis Compass elevator management system. Five workstations running Credo software are used for daily administration tasks such as adding new users, monitoring alarms and generating attendance reports. Some tenants have also access to main Credo Enterprise system and manage their own office space by using CredoID Locations feature.
Project Details
20-floor and 17-floor towers with 5 elevators each
Over 100 card readers and 3500 users
5 administration workstations
Multiple hardware brands
HID & Mercury controllers and Suprema IP readers working in one system.
Full integration with OTIS Compass elevator system